Take control over the staff planning

We know that there's a lot to keep in mind when making staffing plans. The more employees, the higher the complexity. Maybe you have 50 employees to keep track of, who all have different job fractions. There's holidays, rest periods between shifts, and sick leave that must be taken into account. In addition, you must utilize the salary budget you have available in the best possible way, and have the daily routines for your store operations implemented.

Create an optimized staffing plan

Using AI technology, Aimy can predict the best staffing plan for you. By uncovering the shopping and visiting patterns of your customers, you can get support to create the most favorable staffing plan. It's critical for a store manager to know how much labor you will need on the floor in the future, so as not to miss important sales.

Aimy finds the best sources for what makes visitor numbers vary. There are many factors to consider when calculating how much labor you need at any given time. For example, have you thought about how much the weather has to say to the customer base that comes to your store? Or how to staff optimally before this year's Black Friday campaign? With machine learning, the action patterns are picked up faster, so that you get a better basis on which to make your staffing plan.

Optimize based on the budget you have

Aimy can come up with suggestions for how to optimize within the budget you have available. Because even though Aimy may suggest that you should staff up, we know that you do not always have the budget for it. That's why Aimy comes up with suggestions on how you can make the best of what you have, all the way down to an hourly basis.

It's not only important to have the right number of employees at work, but also to be able to set up shifts with the right people. Have you ever thought about someone working better with certain colleagues or at certain times? Aimy can analyze all this data and include it in the proposals for your staffing plan.

Aimy is not about replacing as many employees on the floor as possible. We focus on how you can relocate your resources in the best possible way, and how many you should have in each department at any given time.

AI that is easy to understand

Are you afraid that it will be overwhelming with so much data? You do not have to worry about that. We've made Aimy so that it'll be easy to understand. The technology is advanced, but the tool is easy to understand. Aimy wants to make it easy for store managers without IT skills to plan optimally.

Take control of your store and staff. Free up time you can spend on more meaningful things, such as following up on your employees. With Aimy, you streamline staffing planning and reach the full potential of your employees.

With Aimy's help you get

  • Graphic presentations of the expected number of customer visits, the current shift schedule from your WFM system, and calculating forecasts for adding or removing a shift
  • Recommendations broken down by department, all the way down to the hourly level
  • Recommendations up to 15 months in advance, with frequent updates based on the trends in your market
Stop wasting your time on demanding staffing planning. Aimy does the time-consuming work of milliseconds, so you get free time for what you like best; to run your store.

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