What's the difference between planning with and without Aimy?

Looking at the past is a bad prerequisite for planning the future. But if you know the future staffing needs, you can be one step ahead.

Planning of employees is an absolutely essential part of a store manager's job, but it may not be the most exciting. Today the staff planning store managers do, is based on gut feeling, historical figures and the budget they have available.

Planning takes a lot of time to update and manage, and you have to enter a lot of data manually. It quickly eats up your working day, and as a store manager you would probably like to spend your time on other things, such as sales and follow-up of staff. Nevertheless, staff planning is an absolutely necessary function for you to get your store running.


Look forward

An hourly registration system can only look at the past. If you have the number of visitors from last year, it's a simple calculation to find out how many employees you could need at work. But it's not just copy-pasting the staffing plan from last year. Because things change all the time. The figures from last year don't catch up with the trends that are happening here and now, and therefore it is a bad precondition for planning for the future.

A BI system based on an algorithm will only be as good as the algorithm it is based on. It's just as smart (or stupid) every single day, and can't staff to improve. If you get a bad result, you don't learn from it. But you don't get encouragements from good results either.


More than just labor costs

It's important to put the working hours and labor costs where you get the most out of them, by putting in hours in the right places. To plan only on the basis of wage costs and with the very cheapest labor, is to overlook that the more expensive labor may also be the one that sells the most.


The potential for improvement

With an implementation of AI in the work force management system, you'll be able to pick up on trends faster, as Aimy predicts sales and purchasing power. Aimy can record how events, vacations, promotions, even weather conditions, can affect staffing needs. You get suggestions on how to improve future staffing with forecasts and suggestions on how to achieve the optimal staffing.

Aimy helps to minimize the bad trends and increase the good ones. New store managers, who do not yet have the experience and gut feeling to rely on, will quicker become good at staffing with help from Aimy.

It's not so much about how good or bad your business is doing today, but about the potential for improvement. Aimy works to continuously improve, and to improve results.


Decision support

The more tools you have to base your conclusions on, the better. Aimy helps you with all the details you can't remember yourself, such as the three pairs of socks you sold that Friday a year ago between five and seven. With Aimy, you get decision support along the way that quickly picks up trends and can predict sales and purchasing power.



With Aimy, you get the opportunity to plan more profitably. We see that the collaboration between the store manager's gut feeling and their own experiences, the salary budget and Aimy's predictions, is an interplay that works very well.


By starting to use Aimy you will:

  • Get help to staff optimally and more profitably
  • Minimize the bad trends and increase the good ones
  • Get better and better at staffing
  • Save time on manual labor

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